How To Hire A Snow Contractor

If you have a business parking lot then you will need to get a customized quote. The cost will vary depending on the location of the property in addition to the difficulty of the plowing. Plowing service prices will be much higher than a residence because of the time it takes, the fact that businesses need the driveway to be constantly cleared, and because it will take frequent trips for a snow plow to keep the same location clean. It’s vital to your business to have a clean driveway so customers and employees to be able to get in and off the property safely during harsh weather.

When you’re getting estimates from snow plow contractors, remember to include any other areas you’d like cleared, such as any sidewalks, walkways, porches or patios. These areas might already be included in the overall price but always ask just to be sure. Also, ask about a salting treatment service. Typically, this will cost about $40 per session and include sidewalks.