Advice: How To Charge For Snow Shoveling Services?

Snow plowing for commercial parking lots may be priced between $50 and $150 per hour, depending on your location, size of the parking lot, need for additional services like salting or sanding, and whether you want the snow to be only plowed or removed.

Spreading salt to break down ice and prevent slippery walkways and steps is the easiest of the DIY snow removal options. This small project will take the least amount of effort and doesn’t require the strain on your back from lifting snow. Snow salt will vary in price mainly from the amount that you purchase and the brand of the salt. The cost of a bag of snow salt will be as low as $10 for a 50 lb. bag and as high as $35.

A gas-powered snow blower will cost as low as $250 and be as high as $2,300. Gas-powered models will be more expensive due to the durability and added power. The average cost will be around $750 for a good quality gas-powered snow blower.